2018 new season....

So 2018 is under way and there have been a few changes to our happy band.... Sadly Hannah and Sean have moved on as has Caroline due to other commitments and will be sadly missed but we will still see them from time to time as guests so huzzah!!

We have several new members some experienced some new so welcome to all them, Dave, Christine, Aaron, Niamh, Andrew, Sioned and Gwilym, as well as a couple still undecided. Still room for a few more so give us a shout...... you know you want to ???

Season has filled up really well this year (see event list) and could have pretty much filled up every weekend with inquiries but we cant do them all sadly.

Web site now updated and Facebook has a Closed page for members only and a Public page for general info so plenty of places to check to see what we are up to.

We have also formed a loose grouping of other local like minded groups so can offer a wider and larger event now covering a range of periods so another dimension to our offering.

So there we are another season to be done and lets hope its a great one so see you all somewhere in the past soon !!!

Cheers Joel. Da boz..

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