2017 update Yay !!!

Well it’s true I have been neglecting my duties and not updating the site or blog…. Bad me!!! Well site is being updated now, done events and changed a few things so on the case now.

So 2017 so far, well it’s been a fairly good start, lost a couple and gained a couple of members and had a couple of good events already as well as dipped our toe into a new period.

We have done 2 small event s in our resistance mode at Pembray and Blaenavon iron works but in a retro way taking us back to WW1 and the resistance side of that conflict. Although allot less active still a very interesting period and pretty unique in the re-enactment world so may build on it, we will see???

We had a great event at Neath for St Thomas church helping them celebrate the completion of the work done there, nice camp and HAG archery and allot of work put in by the church goers, hopefully leading to another event next year.

We have built up our camp equipment and gear thanks to some funding and one of our new members so starting to come together nicely and enabling us to offer a better experience to our potential clients.

Moving on we have some great events still this year so check out the event page and continue to move forward and build up some great friendships with other local groups enabling us to put on bigger and better ones.

Keep checking out the web site for more exciting news and stories.

And as ever always interested in hearing from potential new members be they new to the hobby or an experienced reenactor looking for a change or to get back into the hoby.

Cheers and see you in one of our yesterday’s soon.


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