4/5th May. Pembrey Park. WW1 event at Pembrey with our friends The Yeomen. We will be putting on our developing WW1 escape route camp again as part of a much bigger event with allot going on from mounted troops to a full hospital tent and celebrating the parks role in the war.

1/2nd June. Blaenavon Iron Works. We are hoping to be back here with our friends the Worcester reenactors for some WW2 resistance shenanigans so things may go with a bang!!!

15/16th June. Back to Caerphilly for our multi period event with several of our re-enactment chums offering camps from Medieval, ECW, Napoleonic, WW1 and WW2. A full day with lots to see and learn about various periods through history.

29/30 June. Raglan castle with our friends the Worcester re-enactors again for a small multi period event where we will be doing a medieval camp from the 13thC.

11/12th August. Llancaiach Fawr Manor house Pirate festival. Come and see the new event and see the nice Pirates storm the camp to remove the dastardly Royal troops and free Wales from the Royal yoke. See them in the camps and around the Manor as well as the Kings men . There will also be some of your favourite pirates like Jack Sparrow and Captain Kidd etc. One of the biggest events of its kind so come and enjoy.

13/14th July. Tewksbury Medieval festival. Another huge event for you to visit and its free we usually just go and get a chance to see it from a "civie" point of view and take in the vast camps and traders then watch the great battle.

27/28 July. Battle of Shewsbury. A smaller version of Tewksbury but hopefully we will attend this one and have a camp and chance to fight in the battle.

10/11th August. This is a big one!!! Huge Muti period event with everything from ancient Greeks up to WW2 and beyond. Several battles through the day and we mean battles with 100s taking part. We will be going in Resistance mode with our small camp and blow some stuff up!!!

25/26h August. Bank holiday weekend our 2nd visit and we have something special lined up..... a medieval wedding and tournament on the Sunday and Monday. We will be holding our famous kiddy drill and train young knights and maybe knight someone, final details to be confirmed but looks like being a great event.