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Links to friends.

We work closely with the Companions of the Forest  who are a very experienced group and cover the Medieval and ECW periods.

They are a friendly lot (need to be with us!!) and have a wide range of skills and based in the forest of dean area. If we are not available or you need a bigger event then please contact them as well.

We also help out and support in Swansea a splendid little museum off Fabian way.

Our WW1 foray would not be possible without our friends the Yeomen

When Pirating you could do worse than visit BOB for all you info and fun.

Several of our members also enjoy Figure Games, Board Games and Role Playing Games at Welsh Weyr Gaming Group, who meet every week in Glanaman, more details can be found on their website at:


​What's different about us ???

Well as I said above we dont just come to look pretty and hide behind barriers, we actively involve those who come to see us and (under full supervision) let them have a go be it trying on armour, have a go archery, giving spinning a go or doing some weapons drill we always try and keep people involved.

What else ??? 

We have (depending on event and availability) members who can show and demonstrate several differing crafts and skills from music to leather work and members who can offer informal talks and information on a range of subjects.

We also have a full Have A Go Archery set up which we can bring allong (we do make a small per go charge) so you can test your skills at archery.

We aim to make our event a memorable one and as much value as we can and as we say "education through re-enactment" is our aim. and can taylor our activities etc to fit in with YOUR event.

So how do you hire us ????

Contact us through this site, e-mail or simply give us a call and we will more than happy to chat with you about your requirements.

We are fully insured and members hold relevant permits and licences depending upon the senario.  We have strict rules for members whilst attending an event and full guidelines and risk assesments.

We will be happy to arrange a meeting to talk with you and will guide you and assist in all aspects of making the whole event run as smoothly as possible from inquiry to completion.We base our fees on an individual basis depending on the requirements of the event but we always try to be fair and keep costs to a minimum as we understand funds are not always premium but it does cost us to put on such events.



About us


What are we ??
We are a group of like minded people who have a vision of re-enacting to bring history alive and "educate through re-enactment" by bringing the period to the public in an entertaining but still "acurate" way and involve them as much as possible.

Who are we ??
The group was formed in 2014 although our members have been in re-enacting for many years, some over 30 years!!!

The Main members are:-

Joel stenlake, Mandy Stenlake, with all our other  all of whom are able to offer a range of periods from medieval to WW2.

We have several other members from newbies to experienced and as a whole make a great team.

At present all of our members are based in South Wales and as such we tend to concentrate our events in that area.

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